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The PLC-Mem allows one hand to log data from a control in large quantities and over a long period, the offline later on the PC – for example using Excel – should be evaluated. On the other hand, the information stored on the USB stick recipes / parameter sets can be read by the controller.


Data logging
The PLC-Mem stores up to 20 signed 16-bit words on the USB device. This data organization corresponds to the data element concept of many controls.

Recipes / Request parameter sets
Urges the Panel “recipes” to be, 20 signed 16-bit words from the USB device and transferred to the controller.

Anschlussbild PLC-Mem

Technical Data: 

Power supply:
PLC membrane is supplied with 24 VDC. The current consumption is – depending on your USB flash drive – at about 100 mA.

USB interface
Control interface

PLC membrane communicates with the control over their programming. This is a programming cable is used.

Housing (WxHxD):
DIN-rail 35 × 90 × 59 mm