PFT3 24V

PFT3 24 Volt

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The programmable frequency divider has three independent counters.

The internal operating voltage (14V) is generated by a pulsed power supply and is short circuit proof. The external clock can be supplied with this 14V voltage.

The divider ratios of the counter (Z1, Z2 and Z3) are determined by inserting a jumper per each count. From left to right, doubles the divider ratio (2, 4, 8, 16, 32).

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Technical Data: 

Ue 24VDC (20 – 30V) ca. 50mA

low <= 1V, high >= 10V, Re ca. 30kOhm

low <= 2V, high >= 17V, max. 10mA for 24VDC power supply

Housing (WxHxD):
22,5 × 75,5 × 69mm for DIN-rail mounting