TEMP K2 Measuring transducer


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The Temp K2 is a transmitter for 2 Pt100. Which are both Pt100 two-wire turned on in series and operated with 2.5 mA constant current.

Is used only a Pt100, so it is connected as a three wire (± mA and 1 measuring input). Then, the output T1 or T2 is active according to the port.

The device is powered by a DC voltage. The virtual zero point (reference voltage for measurement) and the internal power supply are produced with a Zener and a longitudinal control.

Technical Data: 

Power supply:
Ue 24VDC (20–30V) ca. 50mA

T1 or T2 0°C = 1V; 120°C = 10V max. 2mA

Temperature formula:
°C = (V–1) / 0,075

Housing (WxHxD):
22,5 × 75,5 × 69mm for DIN-rail mounting