Automation HAT for Raspberry PI

Automation Hat for RaspberryPi

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Automation HAT for Raspberry PI

The Raspberry PI as the heart of an industrial control


With this HAT, the Raspberry PI can be extended to a control system that can be used in an industrial environment. It has:

  • Industrial 24 V Power Supply

  • Fueld bus: RS485 for Primary orSecondary UART

  • Real Time Clock: RTC-Modul DS3231

  • Data storage by controlled shutdown after power-off

Industrial application

All external connections are made via robust connector terminals.

Screwed connection to the RaspberryPi

Supply for external devices: 5V-Out (e.g. for 7'' touch), and RS485 are separated from each other with mating connectors.



Operational safety


  •     24 V supply voltage with wide range input

  •     Output 5 V to max. 3 A

  •     Battery buffering after power-off

  •     Detection whether supply voltage on/off



This feature allows a controlled shutdown of the Raspbian* as soon as the supply is switched off.


 *Raspbian a Open-Source-operatin system of the RaspberryPi



System circuit diagram of Automation HAT

Technical Data: 

Housing (B x H x T): 70 x 55 x 25 mm

Supply: 24 V DC

Own power consumption: 30 mA

Voltage for data buffering: 9 VDC

LED green= 24 VDC Power active

LED blue= 5 VDC active