Como 3A - Smart Motor-Control

Como 3A - Smart DC-Motor-Control

Como 3A is an intelligent and versatile controller with integrated power stage for DC motors.

The circuit board is designed for installation inside equipments. On a surface of 70 x 110 mm, it contains a full bridge for controlling the DC motor, inputs and outputs and fieldbus interfaces.

  •      DC-Motor (3 A)
  •      Encoder connection for positioning tasks
  •      24 V DC-connection (72 W), optionally 48 V DC (144 W)
  •      Current monitoring
  •      Safe stop with emergency stop input
  •      3 high current outputs2A For brake, clutch, or the like.
  •      6 Optocoupler inputs
  •      1 Analog input
  •      CAN-Bus
  •      USB-port
  •      RS485-Feldbusf.e. for Modbus
  •     All connections are pluggable.

With this powerful hardware, a tailor-made and unique product can be created by software adaptation.